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Me in my happy place – traveling. Thanks to Norway for the scenery.

While a pilot, I learned how it feels to live in poverty, fight chronic fatigue, face pay cuts, demotions, and a looming strike, lose income due to cancelled flights, work sixteen-hour days, commute across the country on my days off, be overwhelmed by student loans, and near the end, hit the rock bottom of a broken wedding engagement.
During that experience I changed careers to private investment and eventually paid off over $80,000 for a graduate degree in finance and an undergraduate degree in aeronautical science (including flight and aviation mechanic training) to finally become debt-free. This website gives me a place to share my method and lessons learned.
I’ve found that our choices feed into a game that has been played for ages – The Money Games. We all play in the Money Games, whether we want to or not. It plays the same as any other game, but scoring requires training.
It’s rewarding when my friends find that unlike the Olympics, in the Money Games, everyone has the ability to finish with a gold medal and win financial freedom, regardless of what their score is right now.
Most of the challenge is changing the mindset from observer, to participant, to contender, to gold medal winner. Fortunately for us, this gold medal does not require killer abs or a lifelong obsession – just awareness, understanding, and putting it into practice.
The more milestones you reach, the easier it gets, and the faster you get, until you’ve reached the finish line. The earlier you start, the earlier you finish – and because investments grow and operate at any level, this can mean financial freedom at decades earlier than a traditional retirement.
For anyone struggling with career guidance in college or on the job, this website will also feature articles that draw from my experience in building and rebuilding more than one career.
For those who wonder if this transformation is possible with a lower income, it is. For the first three years of my flight career, I never made it above the poverty line. Seven years later, I started over completely in the financial industry, with roles requiring a mix of technology and finance.

My last flight as a professional aviator was across Lake Michigan, from Grand Rapids to Milwaukee, just before changing careers.


If you’re like me when it comes to credentials and prefer to see evidence of my professional and educational background, check out my LinkedIn profile here.
Want to know more? See my introductory article about the downfall of my airline pilot working life and how my experience taught me to help others to Win the Gold in the Money Games of Life. Or, check out the most Popular Posts or browse All Posts since the beginning.
We will be exploring how to achieve these overarching goals:

1. Do what you love.
2. Discover your reason for being.
3. Win financial freedom to pursue #1 and #2.
I’ve organized the topics around The 7 Golden Milestones to Financial Freedom:

  1. Start Your Journey – Start
  2. Gather Your Capital – Capital
  3. Reduce Your Costs – Save
  4. Maximize Your Income – Income
  5. Guard Your Value – Value
  6. Repay Your Debts – Debt
  7. Win Financial Freedom – Freedom

Thanks for visiting The Golden Goose Guide, and I hope to see you again soon.
If you’d like to contact me, you can email me directly using the form below. Thanks!