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While a pilot, I learned how it feels to live in poverty, fight chronic fatigue, and hit rock bottom with a broken wedding engagement.
During that time, I changed careers to private investment and eventually paid off over $80,000 for two degrees in flight and finance to finally become debt-free.
The Golden Goose Guide takes its name from the fable about villagers who killed the goose that laid the golden eggs. After realizing my mistakes, I share my story with the goal of saving others from killing their golden goose, including being trapped in a soul-crushing job or enslaved by debt.
For those who wonder if this transformation is possible with a lower income, it is. For the first three years of my flight career, I never made it above the poverty line. Seven years later, I started over in a completely different industry.

My last flight as a professional aviator.

Recently, I moved from the USA to near London, England, where my wife Belle is from. I work remotely from home while she runs her own family photography business.

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We will be exploring how to achieve these overarching goals:

1. Do what you love.
2. Discover your reason for being.
3. Win financial freedom to pursue #1 and #2.
I’ve organized the topics around The 7 Golden Milestones to Financial Freedom:

  1. Start Your Journey – Start
  2. Gather Your Capital – Capital
  3. Reduce Your Costs – Save
  4. Maximize Your Income – Income
  5. Guard Your Value – Value
  6. Repay Your Debts – Debt
  7. Win Financial Freedom – Freedom

If you’re like me when it comes to qualifications and prefer to see evidence of my professional and educational background, check out my LinkedIn profile here.
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