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As you know from my previous article, I’ve dispensed with the daily commute in favor of the most ancient and proven form of traveling to work – on foot. To celebrate my one-year anniversary of walking to work, the grocery store, library, barber, and anywhere else within distance, I’ve put together a list of all the things I don’t miss about driving hundreds of hours per year. 40 Reasons You Won’t Miss Driving to Work Every Day Tailgating A favorite of speed demons who cannot maneuver around slower traffic. Designed to pressure the straggler into driving faster. Typical targets for tailgating involve anyone traveling slower than the posted speed limit, such as farm vehicles or the elderly. Ironically, these targets are impervious to tailgating.

Have you ever stopped to think just how crazy the idea of commute by car really is? Normal, peace-loving people step inside their cars with their coffee, begin driving, and within minutes are enacting a scene from Mad Max: Fury Road, swearing at their fellow drivers with language that would make a salty old sailor blush. Why do we treat our countryfolk with such blind hatred? My theory is that we do because it’s blind. I walk to work every day. I’ve never sworn at another pedestrian, but I’ve exchanged hellos, good mornings, and have been caught up in lengthy conversations about their dogs or the local balloon race. Driving a commute seems to remove the humanity from our roads because the inability to interact normally and the unpredictability of traffic creates stress until humans become like warring robots with their machines. Walking to work takes all this stress of transportation dependence away. While an airline pilot, I sometimes commuted by car, rail, plane, and rail again over hours of waiting, check-ins, bumped flights, tickets, and parking garages. All of this complexity meant any single delay meant I missed piloting my own flight later on and received an angry call from the Chief Pilot.

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I remember the crash and burn of my regional airline pilot working life like it was yesterday. After ten years of intensive flight training, commuting across the country, working through incredibly long hours and chronic fatigue, my reward as a captain was spending Christmas Eve in a dumpy, smelly, creepy