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Above: Belle has shown me how to survive and adapt in her own English culture, including driving on British roads in the countryside. Before the moment I handed in my resignation letter to the Chief Pilot, I was extremely nervous, my stomach tied in knots. I should have been elated, I thought. My new job began in two weeks and my terrible airline pilot lifestyle was already melting away (you can read about that experience in my article, Why I Left An Airline Pilot Career Worth 8.2 Million). The decision before leaving was agonizing. At first, it felt like I was throwing myself out of the plane without a parachute. My ex-fiancee had already moved out. My house, worth less than I bought it for, was impossible to sell in the housing crisis market even if I tried. My new job required a significant pay cut from my airline captain pay, and I knew I’d struggle to pay my tuition debt, which was already mounting. I was working seven days a week between my internship and the airlines, plus taking night school and coursework on my few evenings at home. Despite all of this, I knew I was making the right long-term decision.

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Once someone finds out that I’m a pilot who left the airlines, the most common question I get is this: “Why did you leave?” I’ve thought of why this question exists, culturally. There are three good reasons we can consider, based on my discussions: 1. Pilots are highly compensated. 2. It’s

As you know from my previous article, I’ve dispensed with the daily commute in favor of the most ancient and proven form of traveling to work – on foot. To celebrate my one-year anniversary of walking to work, the grocery store, library, barber, and anywhere else within distance, I’ve put together

Have you ever stopped to think just how crazy the idea of commute by car really is? Normal, peace-loving people step inside their cars with their coffee, begin driving, and within minutes are enacting a scene from Mad Max: Fury Road, swearing at their fellow drivers with language that would

It’s time to introduce a new character in the Money Games: The Collector. The Collector is the villain, outfitted in dark, mirroring sunglasses and a suit with diamond cufflinks. He constantly foils our efforts to be heroic in our own lives by dishing out punishment with things like ultra-high interest